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Add the warmth and beauty of wood sculpture to create a focal point in your interior decor. Purchase a woodcarving on this page, or commission a woodcarving to fit your needs.

The wood sculptures shown here are all individually hand-carved. Some were roughed out with a chain saw. Some had parts turned on a lathe. Others are wood combined with stone or metal.   All were carved by hand with a mallet and chisel.

Woodcarvings for sale.

For larger photos, or to see different angle views of any of these wood sculptures, email Mark.

Spiral Form

Spiral Form  ©

Spaulted Maple, Marble



Arch, Wood carving

Spiral Form  ©




Woman, wood sculpture

Woman  ©

Walnut, Bronze



Totem 1, wood sculpture

Totem 1  ©

Walnut, Oak, Mahogany, Maple, Cherry



Totem 2, wood sculpture

Totem 2  ©

Walnut, Mahogany, Maple, Cherry



Blue Bird Totem, wood sculpture

Birth of Bluebird  ©

Walnut, Oak, Mahogany, Maple, Cherry



Wrap No. 2, wood carvingThumbnail Image 1

Wrap No. 2  ©

Mahogany, Rope

41"x7"x5 1/2"


Sea Dancer, wood sculpture

Sea Dancer  ©

Butternut, Walnut

33"x29"x8 1/2"


Trefoil Variation

Trefoil Variation  ©

Walnut, Gold Leaf

21"x16"x5 1/2"


Floating  Figure, wood sculpture

Floating Figure  ©

Cherry, Granite



Wall Sculpture

Wall Sculpture  ©

Wood, Metal, Forton MG



Mahogany Figure

Mahogany Figure  ©




Union  ©

Cherry, Onyx



Figure  ©

Cherry, Walnut,Mahogany, Maple, Oak

25 1/2"x8"x3 1/2"


Composition with Blue

Composition With Blue  ©

Oak, Cherry, Walnut, Brass

19"x21"x4 1/2"


Blue Circle  ©

Wood, Acrylic paint

36 1/2"x36"x6"


Tori sculpture

Tori  ©

Cherry, Rosewood, Alabaster

29"x14 1/5"x4 1/2"


More Wood Sculptures, A Retrospective

See more wood sculptures that Mark has created in the past.

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