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Stone sculptures for sale

Contemporary Stone Sculpture

Stone sculpture creates a unique and powerful statement in a landscape setting.

You can purchase a stone sculpture shown here, or commission a sculpture to fit your particular needs.   Mark will work with you to make sure you have the perfect work of art to enhance your home or office.

Stone sculptures for sale.

For larger photos, or different angle views of any of these sculptures,  email Mark at

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Evolution 3, Shell stone sculpture Mobius Variation 6 Raspberry Alabaster Mobius sculpture
Evolution 3 © 

Texas Shell stone

Mobius Variation No. 6 © 

Colorado Marble, Aluminum

Mobius Variation No. 7 ©

Raspberry Alabaster, Aluminum


This stone contains large fossilized sea shells.  The shape resembles stone eroded by rushing water over time.

A continuation of the series of variations on the Mobius strip that is turned in upon itself.  The sculpture is on an aluminum base.

In this variation, the Mobius strip is pulled and stretched in a vertical direction.  The raspberry alabaster has a beautiful pattern and color.

Dancer, marble sculpture for sale Broken Symmery, marble sculpture Peace Crane Mandala, stone and stainless steel sculpture
Dancer   ©

Champlain Black Marble

Broken Symmetry  ©

Vermont Marble

Peace Crane Mandala ©

Onyx, Stainless steel, Dichroic glass

I began this sculpture in W. Rutland VT at The Carving Studio and Sculpture Center while studying with internationally renowned sculptor Carlos Dorien.  The separate pieces of carved stone are notched and made to look as if they were balancing upon each other.

A rectangular piece of marble was split into four pieces using slips and wedges.  I then carved it to appear as though the parts had shifted, creating an optical illusion. The drill holes give it away as not having shifted at all.

The origami crane has become a symbol for peace.

The stainless steel mandala stands above a beautifully colored and patterned piece of New Mexico onyx stone.

A cast dichroic glass crane image is inset into the stone.

Untitled, Limestone and Stainless Steel sculpture Arizona Landscape, onyx stone sculpture Metamorphic Form, Onyx and Travertine stone
Waterfall  ©

Limestone, Stainless Steel
64 1/2"x27x12"

Arizona Landscape   ©

Onyx, Granite


Metamorphic Form ©

Onyx, Travertine
34 1/2"x 17"x9 "


An abstract sculptural landscape.

A waterfall streaming down to a pool of water.

Quarried in Arizona, this onyx reflects the vivid colors of the desert landscape.  Like the landscape, the stone can be rough or worn smooth. Holes are eroded through the rock by the elements.

The colors and patterns in this stone are a glimpse into the formation of the ground we walk on.  It is the shape of beginnings.

Wind, limestone figurative sculpture The Dream, Indiana limestone sculpture The Dream detail, stone carving
Wind  ©


The Dream   ©

Limestone, Powder Coated Steel

The Dream  ©

(Detail view)

Sometimes the only way to see is through touch.

I had the image of a floating figure, as if in a dream.

The sculpture is figurative, but also abstract.

Odyssey, Marble and stainless steel sculpture Marble stone carving detail Wrap 3, Contemporary marble sculpture
Odyssey  ©

Colorado Marble, Stainless Steel

Odyssey  ©

(Back view detail)

Wrap No. 3  ©

Vermont Marble

When I got the stone it had been cut in the shape of a  triangle.  The odd shape was a challenge.

An unusual shape forces new and different thoughts.

After many drawings, a maquette was made and sculpting began.

Watch the YouTube video of it's creation...

This is the third in a series of images that are wrapped or bound.  The form being wrapped can loosely be seen as a figure.

Desert Bloom, onyx sculpture Philosophers Stone, marble stone sculpture Energy Vortex, free form limestone sculpture
Desert Bloom  ©

Aztec Onyx

Philosopher's Stone  ©


Energy Vortex  ©


I am always amazed at how stone is formed in the earth.  The crystalline shapes in this piece bloom like flowers.

Scholars in China would search the river banks for unusual stones that they used as objects of contemplation.  I decided to make my own.

Energy Vortex is carved from Indiana buff limestone.  I started carving it at the 2007 Limestone Sculpture Symposium in Bloomington IN.

Raspberry Alabaster Mobius sculpture Grey Alabaster sculpture Onyx Stainless Steel sculpture
Mobius Variation No. 8  ©

Raspberry Alabaster, Aluminum

19 1/2"x8"x7"

Enfolding  ©

Alabaster,  Aluminum

16 1/2"x12 1/2"x8"

Onyx Figure  ©

Onyx, Stainless Steel



This is the latest in the series of the progression of the Mobius strip variations.

The curved forms of this composition in alabaster stone wrap around and create a sense of holding or enfolding what is within.

An abstract image of a figure emerges from this beautifully colored onyx stone.  This sculpture would be a wonderful addition to any landscape.

Happy Day, abstract limestone carving Musician 1, Abstract limestone sculpture Musician 2, limestone and steel sculpture
Happy Day  ©

24 1/2"x8 1/2"x4"

Musician  ©

Limestone, Gold Leaf
22 1/2"x8"x4 1/2"

Musician No.2  ©

Limestone, Steel
22 1/2"x8"x4 1/2"

Joyful shapes leaping up to the sky.

Starting out as just abstract compositions, they finally emerged resembling musical instruments.

Limestone is combined with oxyacetylene cut strips of steel.

How to Purchase a Sculpture

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