Commission a Sculpture

Become part of the experience of creating sculpture.

Commission a sculpture and collaborate with Mark to create a unique work of art for your home, office, or landscape.

STEP 1:  Contact Mark

Contact Mark by calling 480-310-4822

or email:

Discuss your idea for a sculpture with Mark. Together, we will work on creating the perfect work of art to meet your needs.

The creative process begins with brainstorming possible design ideas. Drawings or small maquettes (models) can be made. Your input is important. Feel free to make suggestions and changes to the concept drawings or model until we reach a final design that meets your needs.

This is the time to try out different ideas, change forms around, or suggest different materials. Critique the proposed drawings or maquette until we are satisfied with the final design.

After arriving at a final design, Mark can give an estimate of the price of the sculpture, and how long it will take to create it. An estimate can also be made for the cost of shipping and installation, if applicable.

In some cases, a down payment may be required to help cover the cost of materials and labor before work can begin.

A drawing of two horses

A number of sketches are done to begin exploring different possibilities.

Mama and baby horse

The sketches give a variety of directions to go in to help decide on the final design.  

STEP 2:  Decide on a Design

Once a design concept is chosen, Mark will make final drawings, or sculpt a maquette (model). This will help you visualize how the finished sculpture will look.

To help visualize how the sculpture will look once installed, you can send Mark a photo of where the sculpture is to be placed, and Mark will add the sculpture drawing to your photo with Photoshop so that you can get an idea of what it will look like.

After your approval of the design, the work begins.

Note: Making significant design changes after sculpting begins may incur price changes.

Drawing of two horses running

A final design has been chosen. The horses were originally to be made of stainless steel. Later, it was decided to paint the horses.


Drawing of a horse

Now it is time to make a more accurate drawing that can be used in the sculpting.

Work Begins

With the final design in hand, work can begin. Once the work is underway, only minor changes can be made. A major design change will result if an additional  charge.

Fabricating a horse

An armiture is built to give structure and establish the basic shape.

Detail of the welding process

Fabricating the shape of the horse.

The stainkless steel horse

The welding is complete, and the horse is taking shape.

The horse sculpture painted

The horse is primed and painted.

STEP 4  Installation

Installing a sculpture of a horse

Once the work is completed, it is ready for final approval.

The finished sculpture is then ready for delivery. Upon receipt of payment, the sculpture will be delivered.

Small sculptures can be shipped through FedEX. Large, heavier sculptures can be shipped by Craters&Freighters or Navis

Mark can provide estimates for shipping charges.

If the destination is within reasonable driving distance, Mark will deliver the sculpture. Arrangements can also be made for Mark to do the installation if necessary.

For moderatley sized sculptures delivery and installation within the Phoenix area is free.

Sculpture of two horses

The horses are installed.

Creating a sculpture is exciting!

Mark will make every effort to ensure that you feel part of the creative experience and that you are completely satisfied.

Express your personality with a unique sculpture.

The Sculpture Studio wants you to be happy with your new work of art.

Email :

or call: 480-310-4822 for a free consultation.

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