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Corporate Sculpture

Here are some samples of sculptures that Mark has created for corporate offices, hospitals, and health care facilities.

If you would like to create a sculpture to enhance you business or facility, contact Mark to discuss your ideas and collaborate to create a unique work of art that expressess the vision of your company. Contact the Artist.

To make your vision of a sculpture for your office come to life, view the process of commissioning a work of art.

Wolf Spring Ranch Horses

Scottsdale AZ

I was commissioned to create two life-size stainless steel horse sculptures for the entrance to a new housing development in Scottsdale AZ.

Steel horses

The horses were to be painted to match the development's color scheme. I dedided to use stainless steel instead of steel, which would develop rust over time.

Steel horses

The horses are located in Scottsdale on the corner of Cactus and 93rd Streets.

Towamencin Corporate Center

Lansdale, PA

I was commissioned to create a bronze and granite sculpture for the front of the building, and a mural for the wall of the lobby.


Endeavor  ©

Granite, Bronze


See how this bronze and granite sculpture was made, click Towamencin  sculpture.

Towamencin Mural

Towamencin Mural   ©

Wood, Metal, Stone


The mural is located in the lobby. The mural is made from six different types of wood, metal, and stones. See detail photos of this mural, click Mural.

Weinberg Campus

Getzville, NY

Weinberg Campus is an assisted living facility. They created a sculpture garden with 11 of my sculptures. For more pictures of the sculpture garden click Weinberg Campus.

Winged Figure

Winged Figure  ©



Becoming Spirit

Becoming Spirit  ©



Avondale Civic Cener

Avondale AZ

I was commissioned by the town of Avondale AZ to create a sculpture for the front of Avondale Civic Center. The sculpture has four 15 foot tall steel columns with five bird-shaped marble stone carvings on top.

Avondale Birds    sculpture

Avondale Birds  ©

Marble, Steel



Elements Hotel Scottsdale at Skysong

The sculpture

The stainless steel sculpture installed.

The hotel

I was commissioned to create a sculpture for the new Elements Hotel Scottsdale at Skysong. I submitted drawings and after one was chosen, I made a small model for referance. I welded the individual stainless steel parts together and applied a satin finish.


Sheraton Hotel, Pleasanton

The commission was to create a limestone and steel sculpture for a Sheraton Hotel in Pleasanton CA. The stone was to look as if it were tied into a knot. I carved a 'herring bone' like texture with a tooth chisel into the stone. The steel bottom half has a rust patina.

The sculpture installed

Here is the sculpture installed on site. The hotel was still under construction at the time of installation, so the landscaping had not yet been put in. I anchor bolted the sculpture on to a concrete pad.

I like the combination of limestone and rusty steel. In nature, iron ore deposits are often found in limestone and the iron adds a red patina to the stone.

Detail view of stone carved texture

Carving the texture in the limestone with a tooth chisel.

Sheraton Hotel

Architects rendering of the hotel.

Netvest Financial

Scottsdale AZ

The mural is located in the lobby of corporate office in Scottsdale AZ. The interior of the office had Roman architectual elements, so I incorporated that theme in the mural.

Netvest Mural

Netvest Mural  ©

Forton MG, Steel


Amcor Corporation

Tempe AZ

The rebar bike is located in the lobby of a corporate headquarters in Phoenix AZ. While it is now a high tech electronics firm, it originally had started by making bicycles. The rebar bike is a throw back to those days.

Rebar Bicycle

Rebar Bicylcle  ©



The bicycle is made of different sizes and shapes of rebar.

Saint Mary's Hospital

Lewiston NY

The mural is hand carved from six different kinds of wood. It is located in the entryway of a Catholic hospital in Lewiston NY.

Saint Vincent Mural

Saint Vincent Mural  ©



Unifrax Corporation

Tonawanda NY

The mural is located in the hallway leading to the staff cafeteria. It is made of five different types of wood and accented with dichroic glass.

Praxair Mural

Unifrax Mural  ©

Wood, Dichroic Glass, Copper


Inverted Mobius

TFO Phoenix, Phoenix AZ

I worked with an art consultant, The Art Makery, to create this limestone sculpture to decorate the reception area of the office building.

Inverted Mobius Limestone

Inverted Mobius  ©



Cerebral Pulsy Association

Getzville NY

I was asked to create a stainless steel sculpture of the logo for the Cerebral Pulsy Association to be placed in the courtyard of the building.

Cerebral Pulsy logo

Cerebral Palsy Association Logo ©

Stainless Steel


'Twig' Wall Sculpture

These 'twig'wall hangings were commissioned for an office building in Scottsdale by an art consultant, The Art Makery. They are made from decorative steel rods that have a bark-like texture.


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