Wall Sculpture

Wall Sculpture

For more visual impact, consider a sculptural wall mural. What follows are examples of wall murals that Mark has sculpted. Mark can design and fabricate a wall sculpture for your home or office.

To collaborate with Mark and commission a wall mural, visit how to commission art work.

Praxair Mural

Unifrax, Tonawanda NY

Unifrax Mural

This mural was designed and fabricated for the Unifrax corporate office building in Tonawanda NY.

It is a combination of six types of wood, dichroic glass pieces, and brass and aluminum rods.

Angle view

View from the side.

Detail view

Detail view.


Netvest Wall Sculpture

Netvest, Scottsdale AZ

Netvest Wall Sculpture

The decor of the Netvest corporate office has a theme of archaic archetecture.

Mark designed and sculpted a clay model with that theme. A rubber mold was then brushed on over the clay. A casting of Forton MG (a gypsum/resin material) was poured into the rubber mold. A steel armature creates a frame around the mural and secures it to the wall.


Saint Vincent Mural

This 12'x5' wall sculpture decorates the lobby of St. Mary's Hospital in Lewiston NY.

The mural is sculpted from basswood, mahogany, walnut, and butternut woods. It commerates the healing work of St. Vincent and St. Louise de Marillac.

St Vincent Mural

St. Mary's Hospital, Lewiston NY


Towamencin Mural

Towamencin Corporate Center, Lansdale PA

Towamencin Mural

Scenes of western Pennsylvania are depicted in this 6'x12' wood carved mural. The images range from wildlife on the left side to Amish farm scenes on the right side of the mural.

The wall sculpture is located in the lobby of the Towamencin Corprorate Office in Lansdale PA.

Mural left side

Left side

Mural center

Center view


Click for more photos of this mural.

Mural right side

Right side

Towamencin Mural

Towamencin Mural, Lansdale PA


Dyster Pavilion logo

Dyster Women's Healthcare Center

St. Mary's Hospital, Lewiston NY


The wall mural, made of walnut and maple wood, depicts the logo of the Mary C. Dyster Women's Healthcare Center.