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Sculptor's Statement

I like to make things. As a sculptor, I am intrigued by shape and form, mass and volume. I make what interests me at the time, so materials and motifs vary.

I work primarily with nature's raw materials like wood and stone. By temperament, I am a carver. I love the physical act of pushing a chisel across the wood's grain, watching the chip curl off as it passes, or discovering how stone splits under the pitching tool.

A successful sculpture needs no explanation or clarification. The image has immediate impact. The viewer senses its meaning. Interpretation expressed by the artist only limits the viewer’s imagination.

My sculpture is an exploration of archetypal forms. My aim, to evoke an aesthetic emotion that leads to a subconscious understanding of a universal truth.

During the carving process, creative insights merge with the qualities of each material to arrive at meaningful form. The work evolves as I carve. Sculpting is a collaboration of thought with the intrinsic nature of the material, walnut or mahogany, granite or marble.

The freedom and immediacy of the additive process of welding metal is liberating. Building outward, instead of only carving away, provides new sculptural possibilities. Combining metal and stone, natural and industrial materials, opens new horizons.

I work in styles that range from representational to abstract, depending upon intent.The forms are organic. The subject is usually the human figure. The statement is always affirmative.

Carving stone